An estate planning checklist for new or expecting parents.

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Why do you need a Last Letter?

Help your family, even if you are not there

Last Letter helps make sure that those you leave behind will have all of the important information and preferences that only you can provide.

Last Letter is a gift to your family and a lasting act of love.

» Do they know where you keep the key to the lockbox?

» Do they know you want your daughter to have grandma's ring?

» Do they know you have a life insurance policy?

» Who would care for your beloved pets?

» What would happen to all those photos you save in the cloud?

» Will they know your preferences for final arrangements?

Last Letter helps lessen the burden by making sure that those you leave behind have all of the important information and preferences that they will need.  Learn more about why you need a Last Letter.

"Creating our Last Letter opened our eyes to all of the details that would have to be sorted out if something happened to us."

Jon & Lisa

It's never too early to be prepared

Last Letter helps you securely gather, organize and share all of the details that your family will need if anything happened to you

Guided process to capture all of the details. Includes custom checklist for your loved ones. Give yourself peace of mind and help your family.

"We just answered the questions and Last Letter guided us through the process to capture all our preferences and wishes."

Charles & Jennifer

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