Make sure your family is prepared in a few simple steps

How To - Customize a Letter

Customize a Letter for your needs

» Select the topics you want to address

» Topics include estate plan, real estate, assets and liabilities, electornic devices and accounts, care for dependents and more

» You can create a Letter for yourself, yourself and a significant other, or for someone else

Answer questions tailored to you
» Based on your selections, we ask you the right questions

» You can answer "No" to anything you don't want to address

» Most questions can be skipped if they are not applicable or if you don't have the requested information

How To - Tailored Questions
Generate your custom letter

Generate your custom Last Letter
» Each Letter includes detailed instructions and recommendations for those left behind

» All of your important preferences and information are organized and available for your family

» As life changes, it is easy to update your Letter

Save, print & share
» Print and save a copy in a safe place

» Save an electronic copy with your important files

» Share a copy with a trusted family members or friends

» You can allow anyone to view your final Letter on so that they'll always have access to the current version

Save, print and share

It's never too early to be prepared.

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