Q: Do I have to have a will to use this service?

No, you do not need to have a will to use Last Letter.  Last Letter is a valuable tool even if you don't have a will.  The information you collect for your family can be used in your state's probate process and help settle your estate even if you have no will.  If you get a will in the future, your Last Letter will be a valuable supplement to that document.

Q: Isn't most of this info already stated in my will?

No.  Most wills and other estate planning documents collect very little information.  Most wills just provide high-level information about the allocation of your assets and the guardianship of any minor children.  Last Letter helps fill the gaps that are left behind.

Q: Does Last Letter replace or change your will?

No.  Last Letter is not a replacement for a will and cannot modify the terms of an existing will.  Last Letter simply provides additional instructions and information that can be used by your family with any will or other estate planning documents.

Q: Can I purchase Last Letter for a family member?

Yes!  You can purchase a subscription to Last Letter and give it as a gift.  Alternatively, you can purchase a Last Letter and help your loved one complete it.

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Learn what Last Letter can do for you

Learn what Last Letter can do for you

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